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News Is It OK To Go 10,000 Miles Before Changing Synthetic Oil?
Q: I have a 2009 Honda Civic and regularly change its oil when the car’s maintenance reminder indicates it’s time. I use synthetic oil and was recently told by my oil-change shop that synthetic oil lasts twice as long as conventional oil. Is this true? Considering the maintenance reminder likely does not take into account that the car is running on synthetic oil, am I changing my oil twice as … Read News

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News Honda Celebrates Four Decades Of Accord – America's Best-Selling Car Over The Past 40 Years
TORRANCE, Calif. , June 30, 2016 — In June 1976 Americans were gearing up to celebrate the Bicentennial and pick a new President, singing along to the number one song on the radio, Silly Love Songs and paying just 59 cents for a gallon of gas. … Read News

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