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It can be confusing to look at the number of engine oil suppliers let alone all the different varieties they offer. There is four-stroke, two-stroke, motorcycle, and even products for marine use. They come in different weights and densities as well as ones designed for different temperature ranges. Some are made from crude oil while others are synthetically made and others are recycled or have some combination of the different types. It is crucial to know which one to use and to use it for the job for which it is formulated.

Some companies make specific lubricants for the machines and vehicles. There is a specific Kawasaki engine oil for motorcycles, one for watercraft, and another for all terrain vehicles. Some manufacturers require their own lubrication product to be used with their machines to protect sensitive parts. Mercury Marine requires Mercruiser engine oil to protect the catalyst system. Failure to use the recommended oil will mean damage may not be covered by the warranty. Special products often have additives meant to protect certain parts. Others have additives designed to help protect the system in general. There are many popular products that have detergent added to help remove build from moving parts that could hurt performance.

The purpose of the oil is to lubricate moving parts of a motor or engine to reduce friction. This will keep temperatures down so parts are less likely to break and to keep metal protected from oxidation and further risks. Any time metal parts are in close contact or move against each other, there will be microscopic bits of metal shaved off. The oil will act as a way to move the metals shavings away from the moving parts where they could do damage. The oil is pumped though a system in the engine and flows through a small engine oil filter to remove the shavings.

Over time, the oil will lose its ability to lubricate as effectively and will need to be replaced. An oil change is not that difficult to do and has extensive benefits. The oil will be cleaner and better at reducing friction and keeping temperatures down. The biggest problem with changing the oil is proper engine oil disposal, since it is messy and will pollute any area where it is improperly discarded.

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Engine Oil Suppliers

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