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News For Some Cars, Tire Dimensions Are Crucial
I just read your article “Wrong tire size is not a solution,” where you advised that tires should all be the same size on a Jeep Liberty. I recently blew a tire on my 2011 VW Touareg and had to purchase four new tires because tire stores said they couldn’t sell me just one tire due to the vehicle having all-wheel drive. My VW dealer confirmed this. Why wouldn’t this apply to the Jeep Liberty as … Read News

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News UPDATE: Search Narrowed In Search For Missing Plane
Civil Air Patrol’s Alabama Wing is shifting its focus to the ground as the search for a missing 1942 Piper Cub with two men aboard enters its third day in southeast Alabama near the Georgia state line. … Read News

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News Don't Ignore The 'check Engine' Light: 8 Simple Car Repairs That Will Save Big Long-term Bucks
Car repairs don't have to get expensive, unless you ignore small warning signs until they become big problems. Here are eight minor car repairs that warrant your immediate attention, because the alternative is to pay big bucks in the near future. … Read News

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